Integrated Attendance System for Extra Convenience.

Manage every aspect of your team’s attendance with GreatDay HR, fully integrated to the payroll system and equipped with facial recognition and geo tagging.

Pain Points

Manual Entry

Say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone manual timesheets and say hello to digital and time-saving attendance system.

Complicated Data Storage

Sorting endless sheets of excel will give you major headaches. Streamline your attendance management now, with our certified cloud storage.

Security Risk

Data leaks, unauthorized access to data, and misplaced sensitive data are the most common threats in manual HR systems. Automate with us today and worry less tomorrow.

Inaccurate Reports

Employees forgetting to clock in and out forces you to make unnecessary follow-up calls. With our real-time mobile app, you can avoid all that and more.

How GreatDay HR Can Support?

Touchless Attendance System

Clock in and out easily, only with Selfie! No physical contact keeps you and your employees safer, giving you zero reasons to worry

Fully Integrated

Automatic and integrated timesheet calculations will save you hours on payroll. No more wasting precious time on manual paperwork.

Facial Recognition Technology

Equipped with facial recognition, our app can help you verify your employee’s attendance, limiting fraud attendance attempts.

Geo Tagging

Monitor your team’s exact clock-in and clock-out location details with GPS tracking.

Engage Your Employees

Be notified of any updates. Stay on top of your employee’s activities and respond to real-time reports wherever you are and whenever you need to, even when you’re on the go!

Secure Cloud-Based Access

Store all your employee data and other sensitive information in our cloud storage with international security standards.

In-depth Attendance Management

Oversee and manage every aspect of your team’s attendance with our all-in-one attendance management system. Supervise attendance lists, modify overtime policies, create and reorganize shift schedules, and more with one app!

Facial Recognition and Geo Tagging

Our attendance system is equipped with Facial Recognition Technology to reduce fraud attempts, and Geo Tagging to provide your employee’s exact location. This combination ensures your team’s attendance data is 100% accurate.

Shift Scheduling and Attendance Correction Request

Generate custom shift schedules and easily assign them to multiple employees with GreatDay HR! Employees can also submit attendance corrections requests if they spot incorrect attendance info. The app will instantly notify their supervisors, ensuring a lightning-quick approval process.

Our Loyal Clients

Greatday amat membantu syarikat saya dalam memantau semua pekerja. Kerana kami banya cawangan & berada di berlainan negeri.
Jadi ia amat memudahkan urusan bagi memantau mereka.
Interface Greatday sangat menarik & senang untuk dikelola oleh saya dan team saya. Terima Kasih Greatday HR dalam membantu memudahkan urusan sumber manusia saya!!


HR Admin


HR Admin

This app has many functions, ranging from attendance to payroll and much more. After the GreatDay HR team trained us, we were able to use the app easily. Their customer service is also good as they responded quickly to our issues and explained everything to us very clearly.


General Clerk

GreatDay system has helped us monitor the attendance of all our staff and also reduce their lateness. It also helps us calculate our Payroll every month. We are satisfied with this HR system.


HR Account

What Else Can We Do?


Record your employee’s time and attendance data automatically, by snap a selfie from our mobile app.


Approve, or make a leave request from your phone. Employees can also see their leave balance.


Calculate your employees payroll under 10 minutes with a high degree of accuracy, and complete tax compliant.


Simplify all claim requests, by uploading invoices, bills or any transaction record.

Shift & Scheduling

Organize and design your employees working schedule directly from our mobile app.

Internal Social Media

Enhance your employees’ engagement by encouraging them to interact more on our built in social media.

GreatDay HR is ISO Certified

No need to worry about data security as GreatDay HR is fully compliant with all Quality Management System Standards – ISO 9001:2015 and meets all ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management requirements.

Simplify your HR Management with

greatdayhr-logo From attendance, to monitoring your team’s performance at home, all the way to payroll, everything can be done directly in the Greatday HR app!